Is Mattie Westbrouck's Gender Male or Female? (2024)

Mattie Westbrouck’s gender at birth was female, but by the time she hit her teens, the TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram star was already entertaining doubts about her sexuality. This led Mattie to come out as a non-binary transgender.

Since she became part of the LGBTQ community, the 5 feet 10 inches internet sensation has been enjoying life as a queer. In fact, Mattie Westbrouck recently started a relationship with a girl named Isabella Avila, who is also doing great as a social media star.

Profile Summary:

Full nameMattie Westbrouck
Gender at BirthFemale
Date of birth3 September 2000
Age22 years (as of 2022)
Zodiac signVirgo
Sexualitynon-binary transgender
GirlfriendIsabella Avila
Birth nameMadeline

Is Mattie Westbrouck’s Gender Male or Female?

According to the records, Mattie Westbrouck was born a female. Mattie Westbrouck’s birth name is Madeline, but she does not prefer any specific pronouns; she is happy being addressed by any pronoun. She began to question her sexuality at age 13, and later identified as a member of the queer community. Her brother, Nolan, was the first to inform their family after he noticed her dating a girl from Spanish class. After an initial period of disbelief, Mattie’s family has accepted her identity.

The TikTok star joined the Westbrouck family on the 3rd of September 2000, the proud parents, Baron and Adriana Westbrouck, saw her as their little girl, and she lived the first 13 years of her life as a female.

It was after Mattie clocked 13 in 2013 that the little girl began to question her own sexuality. By the time the teenage Mattie Westbrouck turned 14 in 2014, there was no single shred of doubt about her sexual orientation.

The TikTok star wasted no time in taking the conscious decision to boldly come and officially declare herself a non-binary transgender. Her official outing was promptly recorded in a video that was shared with fans on social media platforms.

The Reaction of Mattie’s Parents to her Queer Gender

While Mattie Westbrouck was battling to better understand her sexuality, the social media star’s parents were total in the dark about their beloved daughter’s struggles. They only got to find out what was happening through their oldest child, Nolan Westbrouck, who is a big brother to Mattie.

While Mattie was a high school student, the social media sensation engaged in Spanish classes where she hooked up with a girl, and before long, the duo started dating.On finding out that his baby sister was actually dating her fellow girl. Nolan, who was stunned at the news, relayed the same to their parents, who expressed grave shock at the strange development.

Baron and Adriana’s shock stemmed from the fact that their little girl never displayed any overt signs of transgender at home, leading the couple to believe she was a normal girl. Besides, Mattie was still a minor when this happened.

Though they were greatly shaken by Mattie coming out as queer, Baron and Adriana soon got over the initial shock and gradually began to accept their daughter’s new sexuality. Even the siblings have learned to accept Mattie the way she is.

What is Mattie Westbrouck’s Preferred Gender?

When she began sharing videos on her socials, fans expressed curiosity about the pronouns the influencer chose to describe herself. However, now that Mattie Westbrouck seems to have completed her journey into the LGBTQ spectrum, the internet star revealed that she has no preferred pronoun and is very much ok with whatever anybody chooses to address her – him/he, she/her, or them/they.

To Mattie Westbrouck, whichever pronoun you choose to address her with does not matter; thus, she never bothered to categorically state any. Besides, the TikTok star is never one to create gender-based content; Mattie’s only wish is for fans to show her respect for being human.Millions of fans now take to the comment section of the TikTok star’s videos to advocate on her behalf.

Did Mattie get Surgery During His Transition?

There is no indication that Mattie went under the knife for any form of surgery before the TikTok star decided to come out officially as a non-binary transgender. We must also acknowledge the fact that Mattie’s coming out was done when she was still a minor at the age of 14.

It would be impossible for an underage teenager to get permission for that kind of surgery to be conducted.Even now that he has hit his early 20s, there is still no news of plastic surgery or sex transformation for the internet sensation.

Who is Mattie Westbrouck Dating?

Is Mattie Westbrouck's Gender Male or Female? (1)

After she officially came out as a member of the LGBTQ community at the age of 14, fans expressed curiosity about the gender Mattie would eventually prefer to date. Their curiosity was satisfied when it came to the fore the TikTok star has found love in the arms of a female.

Mattie’s love interest was soon revealed to be Isabella Avila, a fellow social media personality who is making waves on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Bella, who just hit her early 20s, has amassed 17 million followers on her TikTok channel and counting.

Her YouTube account currently enjoys more than a 2.8million fanbase, and on the picture-sharing platform, Bella boasts of over 1.1m followers.Though we don’t know when and how they started, both Mattie and Bella are quite vocal about their dalliance as the celebrity duo is constantly sharing stuff about each other on the internet space.

A good instance was Mattie’s Valentine’s Day post displaying the loved-up couple hugging and kissing with the caption, “Fall in love with your best friend, and every day will feel effortless, Happy V day, my love.”

One good thing that has come from the news of the duo’s relationship is that both internet personalities boosted their following as Mattie’s followers started following Bella and vice versa.Mattie and Bella are still believed to be going strong since no negative news has emanated from their end.

Who Did Mattie Westbrouck Date Before, Bella?

As mentioned earlier, Mattie Westbrouck’s first relationship with a girl in her Spanish class alerted his family about the internet star’s sexuality. The details of their dating period were never revealed, and neither did we get to know the girl’s identity, but reports said they were together for a while before breaking up.

There was a time when rumors ran rife that Mattie hooked up with a boyfriend who went by the name Camdyn Grey. Camdyn also happens to be in the same profession as a star on TikTok. The fans’ curiosity about this purported dalliance was satisfied after Mattie, in a Q&A session, clarified that they were just good friends and had never dated.

Is Mattie Westbrouck's Gender Male or Female? (2024)


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