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Learn the tips and tricks for choosing the best moisturizer for your skin types and concerns.

Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (1)


Skin health


Everyone’s skin has unique needs. Here’s how to find the right moisturizer for yours!

There are a lot of moisturizers out there – which can make finding the right one for your skin deceptively tricky.

Good news, though: whether you’re looking for an SPF moisturizer that won’t clog pores, searching for a moisturizer to help acne or wondering whether oily skin needs moisturizer, the skin health experts at Dermalogica have got you covered!

The best moisturizer for dry skin

Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (5)

Intensive Moisture Balanceis an ultra-rich formula is packed with antioxidants, helps smooth dryness lines and prevents moisture loss.

  • Helps prevent free radical damage with antioxidants
  • Strengthens skin’s lipid barrier
  • Smoothes and moisturizes

Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (6)

Super Rich Repairis a deeply nourishing skin treatment cream for chronically dry, dehydrated skin. This heavyweight cream helps replenish skin’s natural moisture levels to defend against environmental assaults.

  • Soothes and insulates skin against extreme environmental elements
  • Replenishes barrier lipids while moisturizing
  • Fortified with Allantoin to help soothe

The best moisturizer for dehydrated skin

Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (7)

Skin Smoothing Cream features Active HydraMesh Technology™ – a state-of-the-art complex that provides 48 hours of continuous hydration.

  • Infuses skin with 48 hours of vital moisture
  • Distributes hydration throughout the skin to lock in moisture
  • Shields skin’s natural microbiome from environmental stress

The best moisturizer for oily skin

Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (8)

Oily and combination skin need hydration to combat excess oil. Active Moist is formulated with a unique combination of plant extracts to help balance skin.

  • Provides effective hydration without a greasy feel
  • Smoothes and helps improve skin texture
  • Sheer, oil-free formula goes on quickly

The best moisturizer with SPF

Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (9)

Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50is a3-in-1 daily moisturizer that visibly firms, hydrates skin and protects with Broad Spectrum SPF50.

  • normal, dry, and combination skin
  • dryness and dehydration
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • loss of firmness and elasticity

The best moisturizer for sensitive skin

Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (10)

Choose an ultra-hydrating daily moisturizer – like Calm Water Gel – to soothe dry, sensitive skin. Its refreshing gel-to-water formula forms a weightless barrier against irritants.

  • Immediately hydrates dry, irritated skin
  • Softens, soothes and calms
  • Locks in moisture and defends skin against dryness

Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (11)

Stabilizing Repair Creamis a balmy-cream formula melts into skin to quickly alleviate redness and help prevent future irritation.

  • Soothes on contact
  • Repairs lipid barrier
  • Strengthens to help keep signs of sensitivity at bay

    The best moisturizer for acne

    Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (12)

    Lightweight and ultra-sheer, Oil-Free Matte SPF30 is the ideal moisturizer for oily and breakout-prone skin. It hydrates, prevents shine and provides optimum UV defense.

    • Oil-free, lightweight formula
    • Absorbs excess oils for an all-day matte finish
    • Shields against UV damage

    The best dark spot-fighting moisturizer

    Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (13)

    For day

    A great moisturizer with SPF does double duty, providing long-lasting hydration and critical UV protection. Our pick is PowerBright Moisturizer SPF 50, a daily SPF moisturizer which balances skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation.

    • Shields skin against dark spots
    • Combats oxidative stress caused by pollution
    • Balances skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation

    Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (14)

    For night

    Fade dark spots while you sleep with Powerbright Overnight Cream. Nourishing nighttime cream optimizes skin moisture recovery and helps restore luminosity.

    • Restores skin’s luminosity
    • Fades the appearance of dark spots
    • Smoothes and evens skin texture

    The best night cream for glowing skin

    Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (15)

    In addition to giving you glowing skin by morning, Sound Sleep Cocoon features encapsulated, motion-activated French Lavender Essential Oil to help you sleep.

    • Visibly increases radiance by morning
    • Reduces signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality
    • Promotes deep, restful sleep for healthier-looking skin

    The best moisturizer for dull skin

    Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (16)

    Give skin a radiance boost with BioLumin-C Gel Moisturizer, formulated with our ultra-stable Vitamin C Complex that provides enhanced functionality in fighting oxidative stress. This daily brightening gel moisturizer provides weightless hydration.

    • Brightens instantly and over time
    • Hydrates for more luminous skin
    • Renews for a natural glow

    The best moisturizer for aging skin

    Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (17)

    Breathe new life into aging skin with Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream, formulated with hydrating, oxygen-optimizing phytoactives to firm, lift and revitalize skin.

    • Firms and lifts to reduce the appearance of skin aging
    • Revitalizes with oxygen-optimizing phytoactives for brighter, more radiant skin
    • Plumps and hydrates for ultra-smooth skin

    Want to learn more about which skin care products are right for you?

    Visit your local Dermalogica skin therapist for a completely customized regimen.

    At A Glance

    What It Is

    Learn how to complete your routine with a personalized moisturizer that fits your skin’s needs.

    What It Does

    Moisturizers are an essential step in any regimen and choosing the best one is important to supporting your routine and meeting your skin goals.

    Featured Products

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    Did you know?

    Even oily skin needs moisture! It especially needs hydration to help balance skin’s moisture levels and reduce excess oil production.


    Skin health


    Here's the Best Moisturizer for Your Skin | Dermalogica® (2024)


    What is the #1 face moisturizer? ›

    The best face moisturizer for all-day wear is definitely the Tula 24/7 Moisture Intense Ultra Hydrating Day & Night Cream. This formula is enriched with tons of amazing skincare ingredients that provide deep hydration, protection, and anti-aging perks, too.

    What is the number one moisturizer for aging skin? ›

    La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer

    Both Moy and Kapoor recommend this moisturizer from La Roche-Posay.

    How do I find the best moisturizer for my skin? ›

    5 tips to choose the right moisturizer
    1. Consider Your Skin Type. Is your skin dry, oily, normal or a combination of types? ...
    2. Think about Texture. The texture of a good moisturizer for you is also related to your skin type. ...
    3. Check Its Scent. ...
    4. Use SPF. ...
    5. Read Labels.

    Who is No. 1 moisturizer? ›

    Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is an ideal face moisturizer for all skin types, especially those dealing with dry or sensitive skin. This is largely thanks to shea butter, which provides calming hydration and nourishing fatty acids to repair your skin's barrier and increase elasticity.

    Which is better, CeraVe or Cetaphil? ›

    Winner: CeraVe

    With ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide, CeraVe provides more complete hydration that lasts longer. Their moisturisers do a better job of repairing the skin's barrier and preventing moisture loss.

    What is the best face cream for mature skin? ›

    Our Top Picks for Best Moisturizers for Mature Skin in 2024
    • Best Moisturizer for Mature Skin Overall. SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Cream. ...
    • Best Lifting Moisturizer for Mature Skin. iNNBEAUTY PROJECT Extreme Cream Firming & Lifting Refillable Moisturizer. ...
    • Best Targeted Moisturizer for Mature Skin.
    Mar 29, 2024

    What is better than moisturizer for your skin? ›

    All skin types will benefit from a moisturizer while dry and aging skin may prefer a facial oil. If you're super thirsty or looking to up your barrier's defenses during the winter months, we recommend using both.

    What is the healthiest moisturizer? ›

    Product Review
    • Healthline Recommends: Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30 for Sensitive Skin.
    • Healthline Recommends: Alba Botanica Aloe & Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer.
    • Healthline Recommends: Neutrogena Intensified Day Moisture SPF 15.
    • Healthline Recommends: Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer.

    What is the most effective Moisturiser? ›

    Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Night Moisturizer

    A skin-brightening powerhouse, Olay's retinol-packed moisturizer scored tops in our recent tests: we're talking best for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, best for making skin look brighter and feel more moisturized and best formula texture.

    Is vaseline a good moisturizer? ›

    Is Vaseline a good moisturizer? According to researchers, petroleum jelly is one of the most effective moisturizers on the market. It works at the surface of the skin and forms a protective barrier and prevents water from leaving your skin. Vaseline can be used as a daily moisturizer for very dry skin.

    What is the TikTok moisturizer? ›

    TikTok has evolved into more than a destination for funny videos, you can now find everything from beauty deals to the best face moisturizers. Right now, TikTokers can't get enough of the Bubble Slam Dunk Hydrating Facial Moisturizer, which the brand claims is so popular that one sells every 10 seconds.


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