Closet Talk with Mattie Westbrouck | iHeart (2024)



March 22, 2024

42 mins

Scott is back on Closet Talk this week to compete with Carter for most guest appearances! Scott and Mattie read and react to weird Reddit confessions and unpack Scott’s first kiss, injecting milk into your ex’s mattress, hooking up with YouTubers, Scott’s biggest first date red flags, Mattie and Scott do a practice first date (Mattie has never been on a first date), and so much more!Mattie: YouTube / IG / TikTokScott: YouTube /...

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March 15, 2024

48 mins

Marc Sebastian joins Mattie today for his first interview since returning from the infamous 9-month long cruise currently sailing around the world. He unpacks what the Drake Passage actually feels like, stealing a piece of Antarctic iceberg, dead bodies in the walk-in freezer, and getting kicked out of the members-only Pinnacle lounge. Mattie and Marc also talk Scientology, feeding mice to their pet snakes, Mattie unboxes the minia...

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March 8, 2024

55 mins

This week, Zolita is finally on Closet Talk to do a deep-dive review on some of her most iconic queer music videos!! Mattie and Zolita give their 4-word reviews of each music video, talk about gay pottery crushes, how Zolita got into witchcraft, why Mattie and their high school girlfriend had to ask guys to prom, and so much more!Mattie: YouTube / IG / TikTokZolita: YouTube / IG / TikTokProduced by @pybFor sponsorships/pa...

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March 1, 2024

42 mins

This week on Closet Talk, Mattie and Alissa Butt finally meet and discover that they might actually be new best friends?! They get a tarot card reading from energy reader Tovah Avigail (@tovahavigail), who has a LOT to say about new beginnings after heartbreak, Alissa’s future career path, if Mattie wants to start a family, and so much more! Mattie: YouTube / IG / TikTokAlissa: YouTube / IG / TikTokTovah: TikTokProduced by @...

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February 23, 2024

33 mins

Carter took over my podcast this week... and I had no choice but to go along with it. He insisted that he was me - so I had to pretend to be him.How well does Carter know the story of Mattie's first kiss? What's Carter's current hyperfixation? What's Mattie's beige flag? And will Mattie ever get their show back??Mattie: YouTube / IG / TikTokCarter: YouTube / IG / TikTokProduced by @pybFor sponsorships/partnerships, emai...

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Amy Gives Us Dating Advice 💛 Ft. Amy Ordman

February 16, 2024

29 mins

This week, Amy joins me for RATING DATING APP BIOS: Part 2. We decide if the anonymous bios were written by a queer woman or a straight man, talk about hooking up with your friends, finding a sugar daddy, FUTCH night, and so much more.Mattie: YouTube / IG / TikTokAmy: IG / TikTokProduced by @pybFor sponsorships/partnerships, email contact@pastyourbedtime.comLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

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February 9, 2024

28 mins

This week, Mattie gets a crash course on reality TV from Love Island star Kyra Green! They react to some of TV's most insane moments, from Kim K losing an earring in the ocean to a watermelon challenge gone horribly wrong. Can Mattie name every Kardashian? (no... and it's painful)Mattie: YouTube / IG / TikTokKyra: IG / TikTokProduced by @pybFor sponsorships/partnerships, email contact@pastyourbedtime.comLearn more ab...

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February 2, 2024

28 mins

This week, we're painting MYSTERY PICTURES! Mal Glowenke joins Mattie on the show to paint secret pictures to reveal at the end of the episode. During the paint-and-sip they talk about Craigslist dates, Mattie looking up girls kissing on their sister's Kindle, dating your boss, why realizing you're gay feels like becoming Spiderman, and so much more!Mattie: YouTube / IG / TikTokMal: Made It Out Podcast / IG / TikTokFor sponsor...

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Guessing what’s in these MYSTERY BOXES Ft. Jesse Sullivan

January 26, 2024

45 mins

This week, Jesse Sullivan joins Mattie to play What’s in the Box? and guess the identity of random substances while blindfolded. They talk about Mattie peeing themselves on a first date, how Jesse proposed to Francesca, who would win on Survivor, and so much more!Mattie: YouTube/ IG / TikTokJesse: IG / TikTokFor sponsorships/partnerships, email contact@pastyourbedtime.comLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

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WHO SAID IT: MAL, OR A LIFE COACH? | Closet Talk Ep. 23

January 19, 2024

34 mins

This week, Mal Wright from the Queer Ultimatum is here on Closet Talk to give their wise advice on relationships and how trippy it is to watch yourself date on reality TV. Mattie and Mal talk about becoming a casting director, how they would be as parents, Disney characters on LSD, the difference between talking and dating, why they hate making the first move, and so much more!Mattie: IG / TikTok / YouTubeMal: IGFor sponsor...

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RANKING MY MONTHS OF 2023 | Closet Talk Ep. 22

January 12, 2024

37 mins

This week, Mattie ranks each month of 2023 in order of worst to best, and talks about the growth, heartbreak, love, friendship fall-outs, and peace they felt over the course of the year.Mattie: IG / TikTok / YouTubeFor sponsorships/partnerships, email contact@pastyourbedtime.comLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

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January 5, 2024

40 mins

Gracin and Mattie sit down on the podcast this week to give their hot takes on a topic they both consider themselves experts in: gay fashion. They debate if tiny colored sunglasses are queer-coded, how their fashion style changes when they go back to their hometown, talk about if they’ve ever love-bombed before, Gracin’s experience coming out, and… they harmonize.Mattie: IG / TikTok / YouTubeGracin: IG / TikTok / YouTubeFor s...

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PEOPLE WE DON’T LIKE Ft. Asher Lieberman | Closet Talk Ep. 20

December 29, 2023

41 mins

Asher Lieberman aka @ stinkyasher is on the podcast this week!! Asher and Mattie do a spinoff of some of Asher’s most popular Tiktoks by taking turns impersonating characters you meet in everyday life… like “that friend who always has a traumatic hamster story”. They debate who would survive in the Hunger Games, Asher auditioning for Survivor, and Asher enlightens Mattie about one of the most iconic moments in RuPaul’s Drag Race hi...

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What it was REALLY like living with Mattie and Carter Ft. Liv Pearsall | Closet Talk Ep. 19

December 22, 2023

43 mins

This week, Liv Pearsall on the show to tell the truth about what it was like living with Mattie and Carter! Liv and Mattie play the ROOMMATE TEST to find out who the best roommate was, unpack what it was like living with Cater’s life-size Pennywise, how Liv mediated Mattie and Carter’s arguments, and reveal who was the cleanest, who partied the most, who was the loudest in the house, and so much more.Mattie: IG / TikTok / YouTu...

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REVEALING ALL OUR "FIRSTS" Ft. Eva Cudmore | Closet Talk Ep. 18

December 15, 2023

34 mins

Eva is finally on the show!! This week, Mattie and guest Eva Cudmore reveal all of their "firsts" - from their first kiss, to their first date, to their first heartbreak, to the first text they sent this morning.Mattie: IG / TikTok / YouTubeEva: IG / TikTokFor sponsorships/partnerships, email contact@pastyourbedtime.comLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

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RATING DATING APP BIOS Ft. Georgia Bridgers | Closet Talk Podcast Ep. 17

December 8, 2023

37 mins

This week, Mattie and special guest Georgia Bridgers swipe right or left on anonymous dating app bios... with a twist. They have to guess if the bio was written by a straight man or a queer woman. They also reveal their Spotify Wrapped top 5 artists, talk about when they first said "I love you" to their girlfriends, unpack why Mattie is such iVirgo energy, and so much more!Mattie: IG / TikTok / YouTubeGeorgia: IG / TikTok / YouT...

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SIP OR SPILL | MY BIGGEST SECRETS | Closet Talk Podcast Ep. 16

December 1, 2023

36 mins

This week, Mattie plays SIP OR SPILL. They read question cards and have to decide if they'll answer the question truthfully or drink one of the mystery beverages on the table. What's their girlfriend's first name? What's the last photo on their camera roll? What's the worst date they've ever been on? Truths are revealed...Mattie: IG / TikTok / YouTubeFor sponsorships/partnerships, email contact@pastyourbedtime.comLearn more a...

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REACTING TO OUR OLD YOUTUBE VIDEOS Ft. Shannon Beveridge | Closet Talk Podcast Ep. 15

November 24, 2023

38 mins

This week, Shannon Beveridge joins Mattie on the show to rewatch some of their oldest Youtube videos for the first time ever. They react to the very first videos on their channels, rewatch their breakup videos for the first time since posting them, talk about the weirdness of being in a public relationship online, coming out to their parents, Haley from Stick It being everyone's gay awakening, and so much more.Mattie: IG / TikTo...

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OUR BIGGEST FIGHT YET Ft. Carter Kench | Closet Talk Podcast Ep. 14

November 17, 2023

61 mins

This week Carter is FINALLY on Closet Talk! Mattie reveals they kidnapped one of Carter's prized possessions and holds it hostage until he answers some big questions, they take the ultimate best friend test to see how well they really know each other, and Mattie & Carter open up and unpack their biggest fight this year.Mattie: IG / TikTok / YouTubeCarter: IG / TikTok / YouTubeFor sponsorships/partnerships, email contact@pasty...

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RANKING THE GAYEST MUSIC VIDEOS Ft. Tatchi Ringsby | Closet Talk Podcast Ep. 13

November 10, 2023

55 mins

This week, Mattie and Tatchi rank queer music videos on a scale from "period." to "Gay Hall of Fame". They review the historic impact of Troye Sivan's newest music video with Ross Lynch, kissing on camera, why Mattie wears hair ties, unpack poly relationships, how Tatchi feels about being part of gay culture with Zolita's music video series, and so much more!Mattie: IG / TikTok / YouTubeTatchi: IG / TikTok / YouTubeFor sponso...

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