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  • The Baroque Violin Shop offers professionally set­up, high quality instruments for rent or purchase, at competitive prices.

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  • The Baroque Violin Shop, Cincinnati. 5805 likes · 24 talking about this · 508 were here. The Baroque Violin Shop is a specialty strings shop ...

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  • Baroque Violin Shop is located at 1038 W. North Bend Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45224. Visit our shop for your rental, purchase or repair needs.

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  • Central Ohio branch of Cincinnati's Baroque Violin Shop, located in Columbus. Student rentals (violin, viola, cello, bass), educator & school purchasing, ...

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  • Baroque Violin Shop, Cincinnati OH. Baroque Violin Shop. Finneytown, OH. Highly Recommended (8). Specialty String Instrument Shop Musical Instrument Store ...

  • Highly Recommended: 8 local business owners recommend Baroque Violin Shop. Visit this page to learn about the business and what locals in Finneytown have to say.

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  • Baroque Violin Shop · US · Ohio · Cincinnati. Save.

  • The Baroque Violin Shop is a professional strings specialty shop specializing in high-quality rentals, sales, and repairs.

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  • ... Cincinnati, OH 45224, United States · Directions Directions. (513) 541-2000 ... Related Searches. baroque violin shop cincinnati •; baroque violin shop cincinnati ...

  • Music Store in Cincinnati, OH

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  • Jobs at Baroque Violin Shop. Employees can work remotely. Browse by: Location. Cincinnati, OH. 1 job. Bookkeeper. Full-time. Go back to top. powered by. Cookies ...

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14. Baroque Violin Shop owner Paul Bartel was an enthusiastic ...

  • 31 jul 2019 · Related. Baroque Violin Shop, classical music, Wyoming Fine Arts Center, Wyoming OH ... My cello came from his shop in Cincinnati and he ...

  • Paul Bartel was passionate about strings and equally passionate about sharing his love of classical music with students. The violinist, music educator, owner of the Baroque Violin Shop and founder …


  • 7 mrt 2013 · Do any one know about this Violin shop " Baroque Violin Shop in Cincinnati, OH"|The violin|FORUM|LEARN TO PLAY THE VIOLIN FOR FREE!

  • This forum is a place for violinist and fiddlers to discuss every possible subject related to playing the violin and fiddle, teaching, learning, equipment, drive, talent, music...

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  • Baroque Violin Shop Inc. Cincinnati, OH United States http://www ... Shop specializes in sales, rentals and repairs of high quality orchestral string instruments.

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Baroque Violin Shop Cincinnati Oh (2024)


What is the difference between a violin and a baroque violin? ›

The main differences are that the fingerboard is shorter, the neck is shorter, the fingerboard and tailpiece are made of maple, with an ebony covering (sometimes). You can get a baroque violin with decorated sides, tailpieces, and fingerboards for a higher price. And there are no fine tuners.

Who was the best violin maker of the Baroque era? ›

In fact, most of the most highly prized modern violins were built during the baroque era by makers like Amati, Stradivari, and Guarneri.

How to sell an old violin? ›

Even in the age of Ebay, consigining your violin, viola or cello at a trusted local violin shop, with their large client base, remains the best decision. When you're looking to sell your fine violin (or a viola or cello), consignment to a notable violin shop may be the most lucrative option.

What does a baroque violin sound like? ›

Baroque violin playing has a gentler tone with hardly any vibrato. The complex nuances of bowing give it a sort of swelling-fading sound. It's very free-flowing and expressive. Some new technology improves old technology.

Is violin the hardest instrument to play? ›

The violin is also widely regarded as one of the most difficult instruments to learn. One of the reasons behind this is that there are no guides on the violin for finger placement.

Is violin harder to master than piano? ›

Learning violin and piano can both become great challenges but will produce amazing talent if committed to. Yet violin is undoubtedly more challenging at the start of your musical journey. Although both instruments will prove to have big demands, it is undeniably worth the lifelong musical talent and knowledge.

What is the most beautiful sounding violin? ›

The violins of Antonio Stradivari are considered to be the world's best violins because of the tone which they are capable of producing. Even in a large concert hall with an audience of thousands of players, musicians playing on Stradivarius violins can be heard from even the furthest seats in the venue.

How many Amati violins still exist? ›

The twenty known Andrea Amati instruments that survive today include several rumored to have been part of a set of 38 instruments commissioned by Catherine de Medici for the French Court upon the coronation of her son, King Charles IX, in 1560.

What is the most expensive baroque violin? ›

The Messiah Antonio Stradivari - $20 million

The Messiah violin by Antonio Stradivarius is estimated to have a worth of $20 million and ranks among the most expensive violins in the world. Made in 1716, this historic instrument remains incredibly in almost perfect "like new" condition.

Are old violins worth fixing? ›

Depending on the level of damage, the cost of violin repairs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. However, it's important to remember that a well-executed restoration can significantly increase a violin's value, transforming it from a worn instrument into a playable, and possibly, a collector's item.

Do violins hold their value? ›

Each maker has his/her own market. An established maker with solid demand will command higher prices. This will make it more likely that your violin will appreciate in value over time. This applies to both new and antique instruments.

How can you tell a cheap violin? ›

1. VSO violins (usually below $200)
  1. Not made from traditional woods (don't use ebony for fittings, not real purfling)
  2. Not made with traditional methods (not carved wood, could be pressed or plywood veneer)
  3. Made “factory/assembly line” style.
  4. Usually not set-up.
  5. Made from wood that has not dried properly yet.

Did Baroque violinists use vibrato? ›

vibrato is as individual as the performer, the vibrato of the Baroque varied in styleand technique. equally. '?' While Gosling advocated a vibrato of lifting a finger up and down, Donington introduced another style of vibrato that required using twofingers, similar to trill but possiblyat an even closer interval.

How many violins does a baroque orchestra have? ›

Baroque orchestras originated in France where Jean-Baptiste Lully added the newly re-designed hautbois (oboe) and transverse flutes to his orchestra, Les Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi ("The Twenty-Four Violins of the King").

Are baroque violins smaller? ›

Baroque violins, for example, were physically larger yet projected a lesser sound than the more modern versions that followed them, owing largely to the construction of the instruments: the neck of Baroque violins were set at a more shallow angle relative to the body, which put less pressure on the bridge from the ...

What are the features of the baroque violin? ›

Baroque violins also have a shorter neck and fingerboard. The Baroque violin's neck is 12 centimeters long, whereas modern violin's neck is 13 centimeters long (McLennan, 2008, p. 121). The modern fingerboard is 4-5 centimeters longer (Baroque Band, 2013).

What is a baroque violin playing style? ›

The energetic playing should come from “more bow speed, less pressure/weight.” In most baroque music with a succession of eighth notes, suggest they play stepwise motion as legato (not adding slurs, but rather smooth-but-alternating down/up bow strokes, unless slurs are printed in that passage).

What are baroque violins tuned to? ›

Instrumentation: Many historical instruments, such as Baroque violins, violas, viols, and cellos, are designed to be played at A415 tuning. These instruments often have different construction and materials compared to their modern counterparts and produce a warmer, richer sound when tuned to A415.


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